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Gewinner unseres Blogwettbewerbs: Rasmus im Lakehead Public School District/Ontario

Gewinner unseres Blogwettbewerbs: Rasmus im Lakehead Public School District/Ontario

Canada … I don't even know where to start. I´m here now for nearly 3 months but it feels like I 'm living here now for at least 3 years. I did so much stuff, from going to an ice hockey game, eating poutine with friends, jumping into a frozen lake, going for a snowmobile ride, dog sledding, and of course cross country skiing, one of the best sports in the world.

Cross Country Skiing and my first three months in Canada!

Maybe I´ll start from the beginning. Because going to another country alone isn't always a smooth ride. Before you leave Germany you will have constantly worries in your head thinking about stuff you will miss and how it will be. But as soon as you are alone in the airport you forget all of that and you are just excited. I had the best group of people flying with me from Frankfurt to Toronto I could have imagined. Because of Covid restrictions I had to stay 3 days alone in a hotel room in Toronto before I could fly to Thunder Bay. These three days sounded really scary in the beginning. But to have them was awesome in the end. And that is the same with many things here. Many things are sounding scary in the beginning or you are not sure if you should do them. But in the end there are these experiences which are just awesome.

In the first month I really had some struggle. Because I felt lonely at home. I had an old lady as my host mother and she didn't really drive me anywhere. But always when you have these moments here, there will be great people who can help you. I have the best friends I could have imagined. And they tried their best to help me. They took me with them to go sledding, skiing and much more. And at the point when I finally realised that I maybe should move my family they gave me a new home. My host mother just told me that I'm now at their house for over a month. But it doesn't feel that way, It feels so much longer and shorter in one. It is just awesome.

So my tip is, if you aren't happy with your current situation during your exchange, talk with people, try to change it. It is your time and no one should make it less good for you.

One of my biggest passions here is cross country skiing. My friend took me right in the first week of school to the school team and since then I´m constantly skiing. It started with just a practice each week but then they took me for my fourth time for a long tour of 20km in -20°C and 10cm of new snow. Which sounds now like a bad idea but it was one the best days of my life. And now we have the end of April and I'm still skiing. I learned it in February and now I´m so used to it that I even competed in smaller races out of school and I also did a race where you have to ski for 6 hours straight.

And even if you don´t do something like that. You will experience something similar. Just with your English. In the beginning you are quieter than at home and you don´t talk that much with others. But with time you get more and more confident and now I'm even writing a blog, which I could write in German, in English because it just feels right.

Now I´m back at the beginning and I think about all the cool stuff I did here and all the small things which were exciting and frustrating but overall great, which I didn't mention. But these are memories for a lifetime.

By Rasmus Ellwanger, Thunder Bay Ontario April 2022

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